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Sample Report

Here is aSample Report of the type of report you will receive at the end of your home inspection.  You will see that it is quite detailed.  I have and am constantly reviewing the different inspection software packages available.  The system that I use is the most detailed that I have come across.  It can be tedious at times with all the inputs- over 1200 per inspection- but I feel it reduces oversight on my part.

When I started in the last century doing ASHI approved inspection reports, it was a paper driven system.  Software based reporting systems were just being introduced and limited. When the time came to switch, I considered myself progressive in that I not only used a onsight computer to compile a report, I also installed a laser printer in my van.  I even had a digital image of the house on the cover sheet!  This allowed me to present a complete printed report to my clients and/or agent at the end of the inspection when they showed for the on-site "Orientation Phase" of the house inspection process. 

As the years have gone by, email has replaced faxing, digital color images has replaced polaroid, also, computer memory and processing power  is no longer  a  limiting consideration.  The current industry trend  now is to  send a digitized inspection report with  color digital photos via email.  One limiting result of this trend  -at this point in time-  is  that due to the time necessary  to take photos, then input and  edit photos on site into the report and finally produce printed color photos negates the ability to provide a complete report on-site.  So, I still like to go through the house with my client after the inspection, but the edited report is emailed to my client usually a couple hours after the inspection from my office.

updated 7/17/08